Radiator Repair

Your car’s radiator and antifreeze work together to prevent the vehicle’s engine from overheating. To keep your engine working properly, it’s important to ensure your car’s cooling system is well maintained. Regular radiator inspections and timely repairs from Dolphin Automotive in Mission will save you the grief and costs of an overheated engine in the future.



Radiator maintenance is key to promoting the long-term health of your engine and avoiding big repair costs. Periodically replacing your vehicle’s engine coolant/antifreeze is the first step in that process. The longer you wait to change out your engine coolant, the more acidic it becomes. If the coolant is allowed to become excessively acidic, it can severely damage your vehicle’s radiator. Refer to your driver’s manual to learn the proper service intervals for replacing your coolant, and get the professionals at Dolphin Automotive in Abbotsford to perform regular maintenance to prevent future problems.



If you notice pools of antifreeze/coolant under your car or notice the engine temperature gauge is abnormally high while driving, it’s time to take your car to Dolphin Automotive. Our experienced radiator professionals in Mission will check the quality of your engine coolant, identify any leaks in the cooling system and make the necessary repairs to keep your engine operating at the optimal temperature.

For more information about radiator maintenance and repair, call the experts at Dolphin Automotive & Radiator Repair in Abbotsford to book a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle’s engine cooling system.

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