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The best way to prevent costly car repairs is to be diligent when it comes to scheduling regular auto maintenance service at Dolphin Automotive in Abbotsford. Most systems inside your car require periodic servicing to keep them running smoothly and avoid problems later on. The one everyone knows is oil. It is generally recommended owners who use their cars frequently should have their vehicle’s engine oil changed twice a year. While maintenance can save you money in the long run, all cars need repairs sooner or later. Dolphin Automotive offers a range of quality auto repairs at competitive prices.


Time for a Tune Up

Open the glove box and pull out your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Inside you’ll find guidelines and recommendations for how frequently to service different systems. Scheduling regular car service appointments at our Abbotsford auto repair shop will allow us to perform a comprehensive tune-up of your vehicle. Our mechanics run through a long checklist of performance inspections including adjusting the tire pressure and checking fluid levels. It also provides us the opportunity to inspect the overall condition of your vehicle. Not only will this extend the life of your engine, it will allow our team of experienced mechanics to diagnose any developing problems with your car before they become costly repairs.

Drivers in Mission and Abbotsford know that expert auto service from Dolphin Automotive will help keep your car on the road and extend the life of your engine. Call or click to book an auto service appointment today!

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