Air Conditioning

The Air Conditioning in your car works similarly to a refrigerator, cooling the air inside your vehicle by removing heat from the cabin and dispersing it into the outside air. It also works as a dehumidifier, using pressure to collect and expel moisture from the air inside your vehicle. If your AC stops working properly, take your car to Dolphin Automotive in Abbotsford for repairs.


Keep Cool

Generally speaking, air conditioning systems rarely break down, and regular maintenance from Dolphin Automotive in Abbotsford will make sure your AC is always in optimal condition. Having said that, it can also be difficult to identify leaks in your air conditioning without professional diagnostic equipment. This emphasizes the benefits of having your car’s air conditioning regularly inspected by a professional at Mission’s trusted AC repair shop.


Specialized Repairs

Many people may not realize is that a car’s air conditioning system actually uses a lot of pressure to condense and vaporize warm, moist air. Because of the high level of pressurization involved, it’s important to have a trained car professional with the necessary special equipment perform all repairs of your AC system. Our experienced technicians in Abbotsford have all the tools and knowledge needed to effectively and safely service your car’s air conditioning.

Don’t lose your cool! Keep your air conditioning running smoothly with AC repair service from Dolphin Automotive in Abbotsford.

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